BestWay Bank Connect

Master Card Standard API

API call and Implementation in TAF Temenos T24

What is BestWay Bank Connect?

  • BESTWAY Bank Connect is an integration wizard for Core Banking Temenos T24 customers with Master Card and Visa Card platforms.
  • BESTWAY Bank Connect also enables the integration of other future services for the benefit of T24 customers.
  • BESTWAY Bank Connect is a composite solution and package infusing IBM solutions for better governance and simplest integration with bestway’s customer existing systems.
  • BESTWAY Bank Connect is a single packaged and priced solution built for the banks looking for an augmented end-to-end code banking.

The Plugin offers two Classes of APIs:


Inboud APIs

Where MasterCard/Visa call API/rest through IIB with HTTPS secured by TLS-TWO-Authentication and encrypted payload

The IIB use developed Message Flow to call Tafj Web Services  Implemented by BestWAY Web Module containing Payload Decryption/Encryption

This facade WebModule call TAFJ Implemented with JAVA programs to Temenos Core Banking.


Outboud APIs

Called through CoreBanking modules of API operation with parameters as exposed by MasterCArd specifications:

It starts by calling BESTWAY developed web Module to encrypt Json Payload Parameters specifications then calling in http a message flow in IIB/API Connect that call MasterCard/Visa API after  TLS hand-shake Two-Authentication with special cipher and signed certificates.

Architecture Vision

Interaction and Integration architecture

Deployment Architecture

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